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Founded in 2016, JIM Weaver Designs is the brainchild of four women, friends who share the same passion to make art wearable through fashion. Our goal is to inspire joy through unique designs for modern men and women.

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Meet the Artist

How we started

It all began with four friends—sisters Mischel and Isabelle; Jenica and Jenica, coincidentally—their stories told on silk canvases, where creative director and local artist Isabelle Ocier’s playfulness comes to the fore. 

The idea to make silk scarves was brought up during a Skype call. Having been best friends since they were 5 years old, Mischel and Jenica (Siy) kept the friendship growing even after Jenica moved 6,000 miles away for college. Mischel was really into modern calligraphy at the time and was giving Jenica tips virtually over Skype when she happened to mention that it would be cool if she could put her art onto her own scarves – being a scarf collector herself. Jenica, who was already thinking of venturing into something new, grabbed onto the idea and started looking for suppliers. Mischel looped her sister Isabelle into it as well because Isabelle has been creating art ever since she could hold a crayon and family friend Jenica (Kaw) who has experience in starting a business.

For several months, the four communicated regularly over Skype to develop what would eventually be JIM Weaver’s flagship collection. Since then, the team has released over 50 designs spanning different product lines including scarves, pocket squares, reusable masks and tableware.


Dare to be Different

The first design we ever released was the Arya – which is also a collaboration between three of the co-founders Isabelle, Mischel and Jenica (Siy), with Mischel and Jenica working on the calligraphy while Isabelle worked on the illustration and overall layout. Our goal is to have our designs inspire people so we started with a design we felt would really make a statement.

Our Art

Designing the Authentic

All our designs are 100% original and are inspired by stories of people we meet, current trends and our culture and heritage. Art, color and fashion come together to produce unique and high quality statement pieces.

Authentic Silk

Quality in Style

Our flagship product is premium quality scarves made of 100% natural silk. Lovingly designed in house, our collection of scarves makes for a unique fashion accessory that adds flair to your everyday OOTD.

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Into the Bloom


Our Team

Four friends coming from different backgrounds and experiences working hand in hand towards a common goal: to share our culture and weave inspiring stories into our products.

We are here to listen to your stories, to inspire and to be inspired.


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