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  •  1,850.00

    Inspired by a vintage tea set handed down from generation to generation, this piece is a nod to the sentimental memories of old family traditions. While in Chinese history, tea ceremonies were often held to celebrate unions and to show familial respect, drinking tea is now a universal language of…

  •  1,250.00

    A fiesta with no lechon is no fiesta at all. Often the centerpiece of the buffet spread in Filipino gatherings, the lechon draws the most ‘oooohs’ and ‘aaaahs’ from dinner guests waiting to dig in. Cut me some of the decadent crispy skin, please!

    Original artwork by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier

    100% Pure Silk Pocket Square
    43 cm x 43 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only

  •  3,350.00

    The “Butanding” or Whale Shark is one of the largest species known to inhabit the deep Philippine Seas. In this design, the artist depicts the many islands of the Philippine archipelago in the form of these endangered sea creatures. The country is recognized by the United Nations for its role in the preservation and protection of these gentle giants of the ocean.

    100% Pure Silk Scarf
    90 cm x 90 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only


  •  5,988.00

    Architecture and myth, land and sea, decorative curves and practical edges. Two creative forces come together in JIM Weaver X Francis Libiran, bringing forth a silken tapestry —the visual harmony that is Fire and Ice. Renowned Filipino fashion designer Francis Libiran and JIM Weaver Creative Director Isabelle Ocier blend the…

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