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  •  5,150.00

    Step into a world where tradition meets trend, showcasing the unstoppable spirit of Filipino women. This silk scarf paints a modern masterpiece, as locals, beautiful in their traditional garb, revel in timeless heritage while savoring street food and strumming anthems of unity on guitars. Selfies immortalize their bold fusion of past and present, while jet-setting hearts carry culture across borders, and makeup becomes a vibrant symbol of self-expression. This scarf is more than just a piece of fabric; it’s a vivacious celebration of women embracing their roots, carving their own paths, and infusing every moment with the fierce energy of empowerment – a radiant tapestry of strength, femininity, and cultural pride.

    100% Wool
    70 cm x 200 cm
    Fringe edges
    Dry-clean only


  •  5,150.00

    Ready for a Boodle Fight? A great way to share food amongst family and friends is by serving different dishes on a table filled with banana leaves. No rules! Just eat with your hands and celebrate the growing popularity of Filipino cuisine. The pièce de résistance of this design is the “lechon”, a suckling pig roasted to perfection. It is surrounded by a myriad of local delicacies, such as the halo halo, puto, isaw, to name a few. Can you spot some curious boodle fight food choices sprinkled throughout the tableau? Our lechon seems to want to take a closer look as well.

    100% Wool
    70 cm x 200 cm
    Fringe edges
    Dry-clean only


  •  3,850.00

    At the centerpiece of this design is a girl standing tall, draped in a vibrant red dress, the very image of confidence and courage. Surrounding her are inspiring quotes on strength and women empowerment, creating a visual tapestry of encouragement and motivation. Phrases like “Make it happen” and “Stronger than fear” echo the ethos of Arya, inspiring a sense of individuality and creating a tribute to the power that lies within every woman.

    100% Pure Silk Scarf
    90 cm x 90 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only



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