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Bushwick blue bottle photo booth copper mug marfa craft beer pour-over swag subway tile organic cloud bread.

  •  2,650.00

    Ready for a Boodle Fight? A great way to share food amongst family and friends is by serving different dishes on a table filled with banana leaves. No rules! Just eat with your hands and celebrate the growing popularity of Filipino cuisine.
    The pièce de résistance of this design is the “lechon”, a suckling pig roasted to perfection. It is surrounded by a myriad of local delicacies, such as the halo halo, puto, isaw, to name a few. Can you spot some curious boodle fight food choices sprinkled throughout the tableau? Our lechon seems to want to take a closer look as well.

    Original artwork by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier

    30% silk, 70% cotton
    43 cm x 180 cm
    Fringe Edges
    Dry-clean only

  •  290.00

    The Philippine Eagle or Haring Ibon is one of the biggest and strongest raptors in the world. Their preferred habitats include primary forests in the lowlands and at mid-elevation. Hunting and deforestation are the major threats to the survival of this majestic species.

    Extinction Risk
    Critically Endangered

    Available in two sizes:

    8.5L x 6H inches (Ideal for adult women)

    9L x 6.5H inches (Ideal for adult men)

    This non-medical reusable face mask is designed for function and comfort with a three-layer construction consisting of a lightweight polyester fabric on the outer and inner layers and a water repellent washable filter in the middle. Its secure elastic ear straps can be adjusted to fit different face shapes and sizes. It is designed to fit over the top of your nose and below your chin for proper protection.

    Hand wash after every use and air dry.

    All our face masks have been sterilized before they are individually packed and securely sealed. However, we still recommend that you wash them prior to first use. Stay safe!

  •  1,250.00

    Easy puto recipe: Mix flour, sugar and baking powder together. Stir in milk until smooth. Add vanilla extract. Pour into molds and steam. Best topped with cheese! Pair with dinuguan or pancit for a heartier Filipino merienda. I scream, you scream, we all scream for puto!

    Original artwork by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier

    100% Pure Silk Pocket Square
    43 cm x 43 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only


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