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  •  290.00

    One of the oldest creatures on earth, sea turtles, known in the Filipino language as the pawikan, are often spotted gracing the Philippine seas. Five out of seven sea turtle species in the world can be seen in the Philippines, all of which are classified as endangered. Designed by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier.

    Side 1: Pawikan on a teal pawikan pattern

    Side 2: Blue and red pawikan pattern

    Available in two sizes:

    8.5L x 6H inches (Ideal for adult women)

    9L x 6.5H inches (Ideal for adult men)

    This non-medical reusable face mask is designed for function and comfort with a three-layer construction consisting of a lightweight polyester fabric on the outer and inner layers and a water repellent washable filter in the middle. Its secure elastic ear straps can be adjusted to fit different face shapes and sizes. It is designed to fit over the top of your nose and below your chin for proper protection.

    Hand wash after every use and air dry.

    All our face masks have been sterilized before they are individually packed and securely sealed. However, we still recommend that you wash them prior to first use. Stay safe!

  •  1,250.00

    Design inspired by the tarsier, a small leaping primate that can only be found in the islands of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, tarsiers tend to be shy and nervous around human activity. Loud noises or physical contact can stress out a tarsier and lead to their deaths. A sanctuary and research center in Bohol is dedicated to conserving the lifespan of tarsiers, which are now considered critically endangered.

    Original artwork by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier

    100% Pure Silk Pocket Square
    43 cm x 43 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only

  •  2,850.00

    Inspired by yoga and Zoom workouts, puppies and daquiris, this design is for everyone striving to stay fit while also enjoying their occasional cheat days.

    Designed by Filipino artist Isabelle Ocier

    100% Pure Silk Pocket Square
    48 cm x 115 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only

    A Losange is a scarf in the shape of a diamond. You may use it just like any regular scarf by tying it around your neck, your bag or your head, but experience how nicely it falls due to its narrower shape.

  •  3,350.00

    “Bahay Kubo, Kahit Munti.
    Ang halaman doon ay sari-sari.”

    In Filipino culture, the Bahay Kubo is not only a traditional house made of bamboo and nipa leaves, but also a symbol of unity and family.

    Inspired by the local folk song that portrays the simple life in the countryside, the bahay kubo is surrounded by various local herbs and vegetables, as illustrated on the scarf.

    This design brings together the artist’s cultural heritage of being Chinese Filipino, with the verse written in beautiful calligraphy using the chinoiserie blue and white motif.

    100% Pure Silk Scarf
    90 cm x 90 cm
    Hand-rolled hem
    Dry-clean only

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