Parol Placemats – Set of 4


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Design Inspiration

This piece captures the nostalgic essence of the Philippines’ beloved Parol, a bright star-shaped lantern lit up during Christmas season, illuminating both homes and hearts. The craftsmanship behind every intricate design of a parol showcases the resilience of the Filipino people, their creative talent seen with each vibrant ray of light that dances merrily, painting kaleidoscopic patterns across the canvas of your imagination.

Material & Craftsmanship

Our placemats and coasters are structured in 4 layers – a lacquer finish on top, the original art print, a 5mm board and a cork backing at the bottom. They are heat resistant for up to 100 degrees celsius, as well as stain and scuff resistant. They can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Each placemat is 290x400x5mm big. Coasters are 4×4 inches with a 5mm height.


Placemat and coaster sets will be packed in a gift box complete with material description and cleaning instructions, as well as a note on the design inspiration.

Artist Info

Isabelle Ocier

A visual storyteller at heart, Isabelle is a Filipino artist and graphic designer who combines her love for travel, books, and whimsy with her penchant for mixing her favored art mediums—acrylic, watercolor, digital styling, and modern calligraphy—into single frames. As the Creative Director at JIM Weaver, she enjoys sneaking quirky easter eggs into her mostly grown-up designs.


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Parol Placemats - Set of 4


In stock